It’s my birthday & it’s been 25 years #hayfever #cancer #chemo #testicularcancer

Testicular Cancer

About two weeks into the whole cancer episode I decided for some strange reason to keep a video diary and that really helped, because I had someone to talk to – albeit myself. I never dreamed how useful the record would be, because I have shown clips from it in schools, colleges, businesses, at presentations: people really relate to a personal story and the silly, little things that make them laugh. There’s a bit where I’m rubbing my eyes. I’m sat there bald, no hair, a stone and a half lighter than I had been, looking really ill.

My eyes are all puffed up and I just say ’As you can see I’ve got hay fever. I got bored with cancer so I thought I’d have something else as well.’ It’s good to use comedy. I get people laughing with me at a horrible situation, which they all know wasn’t in the least funny at the time.

(Over the next few months a random blog will appear, telling the experience of that day, week or month. There will also be some video clips popping up along the way, certificate 18 in places, just because of the swearing. This is more about me signing off 25 years since I was forced to take a very different footpath to the one I had imagined, If you find them interesting or funny along the way then that’s great.)

It’s been a roller coaster of a journey, with ups, downs, twists and turns…….It’s been 25 years!

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