It’s my birthday & it’s been 25 years – Happy New Year #birthday #cancer #testicularcancer

Nineteen Ninety Five started the same as all the rest. By wishing one and all ‘A Happy New Year’. In less than three months I was to be diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.

Work and life went by…then in March 1995 everything changed.

One Wednesday I was taking a bath and was washing myself when I felt a lump on my left testicle. I had a feeling that something was wrong but decided that I would go to the doctors if it had not gone away by the Saturday. I still felt as I always had…well, training four times a week and feeling pretty fit.

But during these few days my mind was thinking about what it might be, a cyst, cancer? I was too young to get cancer and it would never happen to me.

On Saturday I rang and made an appointment to see the emergency doctor. When I got there it was our usual GP, a woman. I explained what the problem was and I had to lie down for the doctor to have a look. How are you expected to walk into a surgery and drop your trousers in front of someone you have never known, especially a woman. With the way men are with their health, apparently never needing to go to the doctors and definitely not going to go and show your bits off. So on that Saturday morning I went to the doctors and did just that, dropped my trousers ready for inspection. I was told the lump was a cyst and not to worry about it. But if it does not go away to come back in a weeks time.

(Over the next few months a random blog will appear, telling the experience of that day, week or month. There will also be some video clips popping up along the way, certificate 18 in places, just because of the swearing. This is more about me signing off 25 years since I was forced to take a very different footpath to the one I had imagined, If you find them interesting or funny along the way then that’s great.)

It’s been a roller coaster of a journey, with ups, downs, twists and turns…….It’s been 25 years!

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