It’s been 15 years – Mr December #cancer #testicularcancer

Mr December

The real jogger – Self Help and Support Groups Conference Manchester (Fundraiser – December 2005)

(Description on the calendar) Jamie was diagnosed with testicular cancer in March 1995. Being a mere 26 years old, he had never even heard of this cancer and never thought for a minute he would have it. Worse still, it had spread, so an operation to remove his testicle and four weeks of intensive chemotherapy followed. This was an extremely traumatic time for Jamie, he needed support and to talk to others in the same position. He was given the all-clear in August 1995 and once he felt mentally and emotionally able, he set up a support group. His volunteer involvement increased, as did his interest with user involvement and cancer services generally.

Jamie is a realĀ  example of how cancer affects young men, not only the physical impact but the emotional rollercoaster that is part of the cancer journey.

He has a strong message on how to get to grips with the hand life has dealt you and spreads the message of hope through self help and support group networks.




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