It’s been 25 years, GP visit and ultrasound #testicularcancer

One week later, work and training as usual and decorating the house I made a return journey to the doctors because it had not gone and I was still concerned. So I went back and did not see my GP. I saw another and went through the same embarrassment and let a man feel my testicles. After he had felt the lump and I had got dressed he told me that it was definitely not a cyst. He made an appointment for me to see a specialist.

My mind then started to worry in a big way.

My appointment came through fairly quickly, but the time in between still left me worrying.  Once more I went to the Queen’s medical centre and saw another doctor. After examining me he told me that there were 26 types of lump and that only one of those was cancerous. He was a man in his sixties and told me that at the same age if he had got testicular cancer it would have killed him. He decided that it was important enough to book me in for an ultrasound. Once again I went home and waited.

My ultrasound appointment came round quicker than they said, so it was obviously classed as important. So I arrived at the hospital and made my way to the ultrasound department.  The nurse asked me to get undressed and put on one of their gowns. This is of course on of those gowns that are backless. Then I was asked to sit in the waiting area. And luckily for me there were three or four pregnant women sitting in the same room. And not surprisingly they gave me some very strange looks. They know what they are there for but what was a man doing with them. Not the best situation to be in when you are frightened about what is going to happen. My name was called and I went into one of the rooms. I lay down on a bed. I was asked to pull up the gown and present myself. He spread some gel onto my testicles and wrapped some paper towel around my penis so that I could lift this out of the way. He then began to move the machine over my testicles. He started on the right one to show what they should look like. Then he went onto the left and a small round grey area appeared on the monitor. This was the problem. All the time that this was happening staff was walking into the room. They didn’t stand behind him but they all appeared to walk round and stand at the end of the bed to have a good look. This was just adding to the embarrassment. Once he had taken a few pictures he told me I could go and that the doctor would be in touch. I asked him what this was for and he said for an operation.

(Over the next few months a random blog will appear, telling the experience of that day, week or month. There will also be some video clips popping up along the way, certificate 18 in places, just because of the swearing. This is more about me signing off 25 years since I was forced to take a very different footpath to the one I had imagined, If you find them interesting or funny along the way then that’s great.)

It’s been a roller coaster of a journey, with ups, downs, twists and turns…….It’s been 25 years!

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