Decision explanation letter training (DELs)


The Decision explanation letter training (DELs) was carried out for Legal & General between May and July 2013.


I (Tim Romain – Specialist Technical Underwriter) have attended a workshop run by Jamie for L&Gs Claims Department with respect to handling critical illness with empathy, it was an incredibly powerful piece of training and left the sort of impression on me that when the DEL training was mooted his was the first and only, name I considered to deliver it.


This training was carried out across all Legal & General offices in Edinburgh, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol and Hove.

The DEL training starts with the attendees being given details about a customer and were asked three times what is he ‘thinking, feeling and saying’. Each time the attendees are given more details about this customer. They are asked to discuss this in smaller groups and make notes of what they thought he was ‘thinking, feeling and saying’


Before the third and final time, they are asked what he is ‘thinking, feeling and saying’ Jamie is given a decision explanation letter. The letter is read out loud by one of the delegates and Jamie goes in to role as the customer, reacting to the letter. Then finally the delegates are asked what is he ‘thinking, feeling and saying’


This sets out the remainder of the session. From here better letter writing is discussed with the emphasis on the customer, the letter is for the customer not for the writer. Always think about the customer, what will he be feeling and saying on receipt of this letter.

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