ABA Horizons – Shake your sillies out!!! #ABA #Autism

Example:- http://abahorizons.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Shake-your-sillies-out.pdf We’ve all been there, that moment where you know the learner just isn’t focused anymore. You’re bored, they’re bored and maybe restless. This is the perfect time to reset the tone with a little movement. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, just a quick burst of energy release. Bonus points Read More

Managing Cancer in the Workplace #cancer #work

Designed for HR professionals and/or line managers, this interactive workshop provides training in: Cancer treatment, its side effects and the impact on a person’s work. The Equality Act and the Disability Discrimination Act. Talking about cancer. Supporting carers’ needs. Making workplace adjustments. Managing bereavement and end of life. This is a fantastic course. I run Read More

ABA Horizons – Free Resources #aba #autism

Example:- Fine Motor Skills Check out MORE NEW FREE resources at https://www.abahorizons.co.uk/resources/ ABA Horizons believes that every child can learn when given the appropriate tools and support, even if they learn in a different way to you and I. We help young people with Autism to maximise their potential by providing high quality, individualised services Read More

It’s my birthday & it’s been 25 years #hayfever #cancer #chemo #testicularcancer

About two weeks into the whole cancer episode I decided for some strange reason to keep a video diary and that really helped, because I had someone to talk to – albeit myself. I never dreamed how useful the record would be, because I have shown clips from it in schools, colleges, businesses, at presentations: Read More

It’s my birthday & it’s been 25 years – Teratoma, CT, Chemo #birthday #teratoma #chemo #cancer #testicularcancer

During the following week I went to work and told them what had happened. And several of the lads there asked me what I had found and what it felt like. It was at the end of the second week when I went to see the Consultant Oncologist.  We sat in his office and I Read More

It’s my birthday & it’s been 25 years – Operation #birthday #cancer #testicularcancer

After my operation I came round in the recovery room. It’s amazing just how quickly you come round and how my brain said to me check it out. So that was what I did. One…was as far as I got and I promptly burst into tears. The nurse sent to take me back to the Read More

It’s my birthday & it’s been 25 years – Operation looming #birthday #cancer #testicularcancer

An operation on what – nobody told me. But that it would be a couple of weeks. Now I really had the feeling something was wrong. But back to work I went and life carried on as normally as it could. Then less than a week later I sat at work in the open plan Read More

It’s my birthday & it’s been 25 years, GP appointment & ultrasound #birthday #cancer #testicularcancer

One week later, work and training as usual and decorating the house I made a return journey to the doctors because it had not gone and I was still concerned. So I went back and did not see my GP. I saw another and went through the same embarrassment and let a man feel my Read More

It’s my birthday & it’s been 25 years – Happy New Year #birthday #cancer #testicularcancer

Nineteen Ninety Five started the same as all the rest. By wishing one and all ‘A Happy New Year’. In less than three months I was to be diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. Work and life went by…then in March 1995 everything changed. One Wednesday I was taking a bath and was washing myself when I Read More