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Flexible programs

We provide ABA services to individuals up to the age of 11 with a diagnosis of ASD. We can provide ABA services at home or in the community, at a time that is convenient for you. To get more information, please read below or contact us.

RBT®s practice under the close and on-going supervision of a BCBA®. In addition to the direct ABA services and regardless of which scenario above works for you, ABA Horizons will provide the supervision and training services accordingly. Here we can also provide various options to fit within your budget and schedule:

  1. Training and supervision can be provided in-person by the BCBA.
  2. While in-vivo training and supervision is most beneficial, we can also provide training and supervision via telemedicine (video technology). Telemedicine is another way we can help reduce the cost of ABA services to make it more accessible to you.
  3. A combination of in-person and telemedicine training and supervision.

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