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ABA Horizons believes that all children can learn when given the appropriate tools and support. At ABA Horizons, we help young people with ASD to maximize their potential by providing high quality, individualised services based on the scientifically validated principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

ABA Horizons is owned and led by Cary and Jose Merida. Jose has over 20 years clinical experience, both providing and evaluating home based, residential and other state funded services in Florida. Cary continues to be a fierce advocate for ABA, helping to build the support networks and communities for individuals and their families.

In 2012 Cary and Jose were part of the legal team in Florida (link to documents), that won the rights for individuals on the spectrum, to receive state funded ABA services in Florida. Close to a decade later, this law is now mandated in 47/50 states in the USA.

With the current inaccessible ABA climate in the UK, ABA Horizons are actively working towards achieving the same outcomes in the UK. ABA Horizons are looking to work with Local Authorities (LAs) & Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), to help the public gain access to effective and pragmatic ABA services.

For more information
Jamie Spencer (Outreach Manager)
Mobile 07789 414817
Office 020 3289 6420 ext 303
Email jspencer@abahorizons.com

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