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Working in partnership with NIHR CRN North East and North Cumbria.

Introduction to the workshop

The Building Research Partnerships workshop explores how the public (including for example patients, service users, and carers) can get involved in health and social care research and work with professionals (researchers, academics and health professionals) in the research process. The workshop aims to support members of the public to get involved in research by outlining different types of research methods and terminology, and exploring different aspects of the involvement role. It also aims to support researchers who would like to involve the public in the planning, conduct and sharing findings of research to develop their understanding of the involvement role. The workshop will explore a variety of ways to actively and constructively involve the public.

Following the workshop you will be able to apply your knowledge and experience in a practical way to your own situation to help improve public involvement and participative decision making in research.

The workshop aims to enable participants to:
• Understand and explain what research is, how it works and why it is important for the public to be involved with professionals at every stage of a research project.
• Understand and explain the process called the ‘research cycle’ and how the public can be involved in that process.
• Understand the involvement role and a variety of ways to involve members of the public in research.
• Understand the importance of partnership working for members of the public and professionals.

Each workshop brings together a unique mixture of people with their own experiences, views and ideas. An essential part of the workshop is the interaction between participants during the day, so you will meet new people, share knowledge and experiences, and explore opportunities to apply the learning from the day. The training is designed to encourage you to get to know other participants, network and build partnerships. At the end of the workshop you may wish to share your contact details with other participants.

Jamie Spencer, Facilitator
Tom Wooldridge, Learning and Development Manager

One thought on “Building Research Partnerships – NIHR CRN North East & North Cumbria

  1. admin says:

    Increased understanding of research processes.
    More awareness of 7RS.
    I will be more inclined to find out about relevant trials and discuss this with patients however I feel currently I am not confident enough so this will take some time post qualification.
    Speak with manager about PPI in our area can be develop/access groups.
    New role! (PPIE); I have more knowledge for local links I will use the 7R’s when looking to recruit the public in future.
    Will feel that my involvement in PPI is worthwhile.

    Good to be part of group.
    More lay people would be better and some medics would be good.
    Very interesting. More students should take advantage of this because it was very useful.
    Worked well because of patient group/carers involved – needs a good mix to work.
    More practical examples of this to start using/engaging and recruiting the public would be useful in future for those of us at the very beginning of the process.
    The format of health professionals and members of the public working together was fantastic – would be good to advertise to the public for future events.
    Well paced day enjoyable and informative thank you very much.; ; Different perspectives very useful.;

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