20 years, time flies……….


It’s been 20 years, time flies when you’re having fun!

20 years ago on the 17 March 1995 it was a very different story. I was 26 years old, down the gym 3 times a week and felt as fit as a fiddle.

A few weeks before, I’d found a lump on my left testicle. My GP said “it’s a cyst, go home, don’t worry about it”. I did worry and it’s a good job I did. A week later another GP tells me it’s something more serious. A few days after that I have an ultra sound and then I’m told I need an operation to remove my left testicle on the 17 March 1995.

The first day of a new life. I had testicular cancer, a teratoma, and would spend the following months having four weeks worth of intensive chemotherapy. I didn’t have a battle or a fight with my cancer, I had chemotherapy and it worked, hair loss, weight loss and a new me was born.


It’s been an interesting journey since then, that’s taken me from construction to charities and working for myself. Being married and divorced. Having it all and losing everything. It was the best and worst thing to ever happen to me, it changed my life. It made me who I am.

20 years, time flies when you’re having fun!!

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