It’s been 22 years – Testicular Cancer Support #cancer #testicularcancer

Testicular Cancer Support

Three years after my diagnosis and still visiting the hospital for regular check-ups, one of the nurses made a suggestion. I had been three years ‘clear’ by then, my head was in a better place. Between the two of us, then four of us the group formed and ran. The group never had many members, then, guys were happier talking over the phone or via email. I made visits to the hospital to visit others starting their experience. I remember not even having to speak to one guy. The next day, his parents rang – “you don’t know what you’ve done, you didn’t have to speak but once he’d seen you, he knew, if you could do it, so could he”

We ran awareness sessions in schools, colleges and in the offices up and down the country.

If all we did was help one person, we achieved 100%

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