CPR training, Basic & Advanced Life Support, First Aid at Work

Our Education & Development team (www.edmsmedical.org) is led by Jamie Spencer, and all of our training is designed by and delivered by qualified and experienced trainers. Specifically, we insist that our trainers are also practitioners so they regularly form part of the operational team at the events we cover. This ensures we teach what we know works and, not only do you learn a great deal of practical skill on our courses, our trainers can really share with you and help you deal with how it feels to deliver care for people suffering from some quite acute conditions. With our training you will be properly prepared.

It is our aim to provide an unrivaled standard of Education and Development that far exceeds legislative requirement and gives our clients the confidence that, not only have you met the standards you need to operate within guidelines, your staff are properly equipped to deal with issues at work either in their entirety or until they can be handed on to more qualified teams. Our training is designed to exceed HSE standards giving your staff more capability than other providers can. We will design scenarios around your teams’ work activities to make sure the training is real for the roles your people will be carrying out.

Our Education & Development portfolio is always growing. Additionally, we can design training to meet your needs. Our Education & Development section has the capability to design bespoke training to fit in with your workers’ busy schedules whilst hitting the objectives you need to achieve.

For more information, please contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Associate Director of Education & Development – Jamie Spencer

Email – jamie@emergency-doctors.org

Telephone 01206 298317
Mobile 07833 696198

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