Cancer Patient & Carer Lived Experience Training

JS Training services can support and help to empower, and enable patients, carers, health professionals and researchers in service user involvement and engagement. You can handpick material from our existing training packages, and combine them with bespoke elements to deliver your learning requirements. Our new training package is now available. For more details on these Read More

JS Training Services

JS Training Services was established in 2013 and has been working within various partnerships since this time, including charities and agencies within the public sector. We carry out the following training packages:- Cancer Patient and Carer Lived Experience Leaders training Patient, Service User, Carer & Public Involvement and Engagement Patient & Public Involvement in commissioning Read More

Happy Halloween!!!

Iconic Scary Movie Quotes……. I see dead people……Heeeere’s Johnny!……You’re gonna need a bigger boat…..It’s Alive!….Do you like scary movies?…..They’re here!…..Do you want to play a game?…A boy’s best friend is his mother…Sometimes dead is better…Be afraid, be very afraid…The power of christ compels you…Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep…It rubs the lotion on its skin Read More