Building research partnerships – Train the trainer at UWE

JS Training Services are leading a facilitator training process on behalf of the Joint PPI team at the University West of England. This will include contributing to the preparation of materials for advertising this opportunity, the application process, and for the facilitator selection meeting as well as facilitation of the selection meeting on 23/9/14 including contributing to the selection panel. This role will include ongoing leadership and management of this process, specifically including having two meetings with the trainee facilitators. Each one will be held on the day before the Building Research Partnerships workshops in 2015. These will be half-day meetings where the trainee facilitators are guided and supported to take up their role. This includes ongoing assessment of the trainees’ progress, providing feedback and opportunities for reflection on the development of skills. The training process includes the opportunity for trainees to lead or co-lead some parts of the spring 2015 workshop, and shared leadership of the autumn 2015 workshop. JS Training Services will make the final assessment of which trainees reach a sufficient standard to become ‘accredited’ Building Research Partnerships facilitators. It also includes balancing the needs of the trainee facilitators with the needs of other workshop participants, so that the quality of the workshops is maintained through this process.

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