Public & Patient Involvement & Engagement

JS Training services can support and help to empower, and enable patients, carers, members of the public with an interest, health professionals and researchers in service user involvement and engagement.

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Microsoft Word & Excel Training - basic, intermediate and advanced

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Our most popular sessions are basic Microsoft excel and Microsoft word. These programmes are run for individuals or groups of up to 8. This allows the group to grow as individuals and together, learning new skills and methods and improving their working practices.

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First Aid Training

Content of the course is structed to meet the statutory standards specified by the Health and Safety Executive (First Aid) Regulations (1981). However, there are a range of ‘advanced’ subjects included to further ensure participants are competent first aiders.

Subjects included:
 Understanding the role and responsibilities of a first aider
 Legalities, recording and reporting
 Incident assessment and personal protective equipment
 Resuscitation with the use of an AED (adult and paediatric)
 Recognition and management of an unconscious casualty
 Recognition and management of choking (adult and paediatric)
 Recognition and management of severe external bleeding
 Recognition and management of a casualty in shock
 Recognition and management of minor injuries and illness (including wound care, bandaging, fainting, nose bleeds, head injury, minor allergies, eye injury and bites/stings)
 Recognition and management of fractures, dislocations, sprains/strains and spinal injuries
 Recognition and management of major medical emergencies (heart attack, stroke, asthma, seizures/epilepsy and diabetes)
 Management of trauma related emergencies (spinal, chest and head injuries)
 Recognition and management of burns and scalds
 Recognition and management of sudden poisoning and overdose
 Recognition and management of a casualty with anaphylaxis (including administration of an Epi-Pen)
The delivery of the course will include a practical, hands-on approach through the use of scenarios and skills stations. Each learner will receive an up-to-date training manual and a host of additional resources needed to engage, support and coach each student.
Additional topics can be included if appropriate to your work place and subject to agreement.

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